If this is your first partial or full kitchen renovation, it may help to measure and draw your kitchen layout, obtain samples of each of the materials you plan to use and place them beside each other to get a visual idea of how they work together, or not.


Ideally, any lighting changes should be done first, as cabinet refinishing should fall near the end of your renovation. Back splashes, counter-top and floor changes are often messy, and should be done BEFORE painting the cabinets, while painting walls surrounding the cabinets should be last.


Choose new handles, knobs and hinges BEFORE the doors are removed, so you can get a visual idea of what they look like, especially if their location on the doors will change. Face frame hinges are visible when the doors are closed, and we can usually replace these with completely hidden Euro style hinges. Please mention this in your inquiry for a quote.


Consider lighting changes BEFORE you choose colours, fabrics or surface coverings, especially if you are changing from light to dark colours, or cool to warm themes. Consider if you want a warm or a cool theme in your kitchen, because the correct lighting can help achieve this, while incorrectly chosen bulbs can wash out colours. LED lights are the new cool kid on the block, and offer unique advantages such as much lower operating costs and 20 to 30 year lifespan in bulbs.


We have a good working relationship with professional consultants and trades of various backgrounds, and would be happy to recommend them to you. The link below may also assist in your choice of colours and textures. Most manufactured cabinets, and most refinished products are in a satin sheen. Higher gloss levels tend to show every speck of dirt, dust, fingerprints etc.

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