At Cabinet Refinishers our simple 3-step process provides you with professional kitchen and/or bathroom cabinet spray painting services

Step 1. Our first visit begins with protecting all surfaces and walls surrounding the cabinets and setting up a high volume fan that leads outside. We number, inspect and remove the doors. Next we clean, sand, spray prime, then spray paint the outside of the cabinet frames, gables, toe kicks, crown moulding and valances. 
In most cases the inside of the frames/drawers are melamine and don’t require painting, 
Clean up follows, after which your kitchen is ready for full re-use and you can put things back in your cupboards.

Step 2. The doors are taken to our paint shop, cleaned, sanded, spray primed and painted, and cured (both sides of the doors are refinished).

Step 3. The final step is a short return visit to replace the finished doors, re-install the hardware and adjust.

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